Returns and Refunds Policy

Cancellation of Subscription Package

We, at Happyhamper, take utmost care to ensure that all the products delivered to our customers are of the best quality, and are specially curated as per the profile chosen during selection of the subscription package. However, in the unfortunate situation wherein you feel the need to cancel your subscription, you can drop a mail to, specifying your order ID and the reason for cancellation. 

1. Monthly Subscription Cancellation

You may cancel your monthly subscription within 48 hours of placing an order, by dropping a mail to The entire amount will be refunded to you and should reflect in your account in 7-8 working days. In case you wish to cancel your subscription post 48 hours, you will not be refunded the entire amount. Instead, you will be provided a Happyhamper Voucher of equivalent amount to be used for future monthly hampers. 

2. Ongoing Subscription Cancellation (Three, Six, Twelve Months)

You may cancel any of your ongoing subscription packages by dropping a mail to, before 12th of the month, from which you wish to discontinue the hamper package. You will not be able to cancel your subscription after 12th, since your hamper will already be processed and/or shipped by then.

If you cancel any ongoing subscription after receiving the hamper for one or more months, then the proportional amount will be refunded back to you, and should reflect in your account in 8-10 working days. For eg: If you booked a Three Month package, but wish to discontinue from second month onwards, you will be charged the monthly rate of subscription, and be refunded: 1887 (Three Months Rate) - 699 (Monthly Rate) = Rs. 1188/-

Similarly, if you booked a Six Month package, but wish to cancel after the third month, you will be charged as per the Three Month package rate, and refunded: 3691 (Six Months Rate) - 1887 (Three Months Rate) = Rs. 1804/-. If you wish to cancel after the fourth month, you will be charged the Monthly subscription rate for the fourth month, and refund will be: 3690.72 (Six Months Rate) - 1887.30 (Three Months Rate) - 699 (Monthly Rate) = Rs. 1105/-

3. Cancellation after shipping

You will not be able to cancel your current month's subscription package, after your hamper has been shipped. 


Every product included in the hamper is hand-picked by experts and specially selected and provided as per the beauty profile you chose during booking of the hamper. However, in the rare event where you did not feel happy with the hamper, you may drop a mail to us at within 48 hours of receiving the package, informing us the reason for return. Important points to consider for returns:

Entire Hamper Return:

You will have to return all the contents of the hamper, alongwith the hamper packaging. Return of individual products will not be accepted. The shipping costs for returning the hamper will have to be borne by the subscriber. Also, it is very important that the products inside the returned hamper must be in an unused and undamaged state for us to process the refund.

Refund Amount:

After receiving the returned hamper, our team will verify the same and calculate the refund amount based on the Subscription Package selected by you for the returned hamper. The same will be conveyed to you over email. For eg: If you return the third hamper from a Three Month package, you will be refunded: 1887/3 - handling cost (Rs.30) = Rs. 599/-

Missing Items

In case you find any items missing from your hamper, kindly drop a mail to with your Order Id. 

Other Issues

Any other issues not falling in the purview of the above mentioned scenarios will be handled on a case to case basis.