The Importance of Good SkinCare

Skin complaints, ranging from visible scarring to acne to hypersensitivity, pigmentation and premature ageing, can all be addressed, controlled and eradicated with a good skin care regime. Regardless of the skin’s condition, improvements in diet, lifestyle and skin care can all contribute to a healthier complexion.

Skin care is not a modern phenomenon. There are documented accounts from Ancient Egypt that suggest Cleopatra, well-known for her anti-aging methods and skin care regimen, bathed in sour milk, which is high in lactic acid and has since been proven to be a beneficial skin exfoliant. Ancient Greek athletes used to bathe in Olive Oil and dust their bodies with fine sand to prevent skin from burning in the scorching sun, while the Romans would regularly bathe with soaps to cleanse their skin. The evolution of skincare through the ages has led to the development of many new
technologies and products that offer more choice than ever before; despite this, the importance of a good skin care routine is often over-looked or underappreciated. We’ve all heard someone recite that age old belief; ‘I only ever used soap and water on my skin and it looks fine’, but with the stresses and strains of modern day living, this approach to skincare will not adapt to or protect against the ever-changing pressures our skin is under and, with time, the effects of this neglect will become very apparent.

The skin is the body’s largest integumentary organ and fulfils a huge number of invaluable tasks; because it interacts with the environment on a daily basis, skin plays a key role in protecting against pathogens and excessive water loss while providing insulation, temperature regulation, sensation, synthesis of vitamin D, and the protection of vitamin B folates. Skin that is well protected, nourished and preserved against oxidisation, pollution, UV rays and other lifestyle and environmental elements will remain healthier for longer; the results of this effort will be visible both in the short and
long term as, for example, current complaints are successfully addressed and the ageing process slowed.

All facial skin care routines should include an at-home regime comprising a cleanser, toner or lotion, a serum or concentrate and a moisturiser. Professional supplementation of a home care routine is also a key factor in skin care; a course of facial treatments rich in high quantities of active ingredients will benefit the skin in a multitude of visible and invisible ways. A skin care regime that encompasses athome care with in-spa professional treatments is the quickest and most effective way to ensure skin stays healthy, hydrated, nourished and clean. The earlier good skin care habits are adopted, the better skin’s overall condition will be as it ages.

A good skin care routine achieves many immediate and longer-term results; complaints will be effectively controlled and eliminated, lifestyle and environmental effects can be reduced and defended against, and skin will be fresher, cleaner, softer and healthier. A good at-home routine
supplemented with professional treatments is an exceptional combination that will ensure visibly healthy skin for years to come.

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