13 Best Life-Changing Beauty Tips From Industry Experts

These beauty tips come from being on the front lines of it all (well, of the runway and red carpet, that is). They are the "ah-ha" tricks we swear by. Here, the best beauty tips and tricks that will make a world of a difference in your beauty routine. 

Double Your Hair Volume Instantly

Blow dry your dry shampoo roots. We learned this root-boosting dry shampoo trick from M Squared Studio stylist Chris Megia. After applying dry shampoo to day-old (or for us, three-day-old) hair, blow dry the roots using a round brush. The mix of the dry shampoo and the natural oil will have the same benefits as a volumizer, translating to major volume. 

Get Curly, Unreal-looking Lashes

Use a waterproof mascara first, then apply a volumizing mascara

Volumizing mascara formulas, lash plumping though they may be, can also weigh down your lashes and take out the curl. Celebrity makeup artist Taylor Babaian says her formula for the best lashes involves doubling up on the mascara. "Use a waterproof, lengthening formula first -- it will hold the curl up," Babian says. "Then add a coat of volumizing mascara on top."


For Frizz-Free Hair, Try This Pro-approved Brush

Use a boar bristle brush and point your blow dryer downward

Frizzy, unruly hair is a problem that can plague even straight-haired girls, once the weather gets warm enough. Luckily, the solution is as easy as switching out your hair brush and changing the direction of your blow dryer. Celebrity stylist Antonio Prieto says first and foremost, you want to pick up a the right brush. "A boar bristle brush is ideal to smooth out the cuticle and prevent frizz," Prieto says. "Also, when you're drying your hair, keep the blow dryer pointed downward instead of sweeping it up and down your hair."

Make Your Perfume Last All Day

Spritz it on your ankles

For as long as we can remember, we've been spritzing perfume on the wrists and behind the ears. Turns out, that's not the best place to spray it if you want to increase the longevity of your scent. While we can't remember the original source behind this mind-blowing tip, we do remember their instructions: Spritz it on your ankles. Fragrance rises, so applying it on your ankles or behind your knees will help your scent last longer.

Make Your Eyes Pop, the Heidi Klum Way

Line your eyes with purple eyeliner or purple shadow

"So this is second-hand knowledge, but Heidi Klum once told my friend that you should swap your usual black or brown eyeliner for purple because it's a subtle way to make the color of your eyes pop," says former associate editor Susan Yara. "I use MAC Eye Shadow, $16, in Sketch, and apply it with an eyeliner brush to my upper lash line. No one notices it's purple unless they're up close, but I get a lot of compliments on my eyes when I wear it." If you have brown or green eyes, adding a swipe of purple is especially flattering due to the colorful contrast.


Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles in a Minute

Change the shape of your eyebrow

According to celebrity brow expert Kristie Streicher, eyebrows can make dark undereye circles less noticeable -- but the shape is everything. To mask dark circles, tweeze your brows so they're more straight-across than arched. "When they're arched you get a complete circle effect (your brows and the dark circles below) and that exaggerates the dark circles," Streicher says. "But if your brows are straight across, it breaks up that shape and de-emphasizes the circles." Cue jaw drop.


Avoid Ingrown Hairs Once and for All

Shave in the direction of the hair growth

If you want the closest shave, shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. But if you're prone to ingrown hairs, particularly in the bikini line area, shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth is practically guaranteed to make the problem worse. "When a shave is superclose, the hair can actually retract into the skin slightly and curl back on itself during the first few days after shaving," says Hollywood dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu, MD.


For Fuller Looking Lashes, Use This Makeup Artist Tip

Dot your eyeliner (or black shadow) between your lashes

This life-changing beauty hack -- courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass -- is so simple, yet makes all the difference in the world. To get a full lash look, Bass recommends dotting your eyeliner or black eye shadow between your lashes, and blending it out with a soft brush. "It defines the eyes and makes the lashes look thicker," she says. "To help open smaller eyes, don't bring the liner all the way to the inner corners, but stop just before your first lash. This helps create a wide-eyed, youthful appearance," says Bass.


Execute a Perfect Cat Eye -- on Both Eyes

Use a credit card to create your wing

We've attempted to master our cat eye since Lord knows when, so when we discovered this hack floating around the Internet we were overjoyed. To get flawless winged liner every time, use an eyeliner to dot the outside corner of your eye, where your wing should land. Line the edge of a credit card up with the dot and the outside corner of your eye, and trace a line to connect them. Voila! Two matching, non-wonky cat eyes.

Remove Excess Grease With a Free Mattifier

Blot with a toilet seat protector

We've all been there. It's midday, you've got places to be and all of a sudden you catch a glimpse of your t-zone in your rearview mirror and you look like you rubbed baby oil on your face. Ugh. Luckily, if you're near a public restroom your solution isn't far. Simply steal a toilet seat protector and use it to absorb excess grease and reduce unwanted shine.


For Perfectly Blended Bronze Cheekbones

Use the top of your ear as a starting point to apply bronzer

A makeup artist and facialist revealed this handy trick for lifting and sculpting the cheekbones at a Credo Beauty event. "When most people apply bronzer, they're starting at the mid-section of the ear, rather than the very top," Corinna Ramos says. "By using the top of your ear as your starting point (and as a guide for your bronzer line), you naturally lift the face up due to the slanted angle of the bronzer. This gives a more youthful appearance," explains Ramos.


Achieve No-Makeup Makeup With a Simple Philosophy

Make sure your blush and lip color are in the same color family

Just like you carefully select accessories to go with your outfit, you want to make sure your makeup complements other components of your face, too. Celebrity makeup artist Lori Hamlin says one foolproof way to perfect the barefaced look is by focusing on your lips and cheeks. "Your blush and lip color should be in the same color family," Hamlin says. "That way, your makeup looks more natural."


Keep Hair in Place With a No-Slip Trick

Spritz dry shampoo on bobby pins

There is nothing worse than creating the perfect updo, only for it to unravel because your bobby pins can't put in the work (we're looking at you, overly stretched bobbies). The solution? Spritz your bobby pins with dry shampoo. "The problem with clean hair is you get stuck with shiny, sleek hair and metal pins can slip right out," Townsend says. "Applying a dry shampoo to the metal pin will add powder and starch to it, so it gives hair that really good friction for a quality hold."

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